A Samia


Simeon Sadran x Cedars Samedi
2010 – 2016 Bay Mare

“If pedigrees were still handwritten on a scroll and curled up and put into an amulet to be worn around the neck as in bod bed tradition, A Samia would show the distinction of descending in the female line from the original Sklawi Jidran mare Roga El Beda in the stud of Ali Pasha Sherif in the 19th century.

A Samia shares this prized lineage with A Illuminatus to whom she is destined to be bred. A Samia also benefits from the keen breeder’s eye of long time breeder Simeon Sadran, the handsome Australian champion stallion who is 3/4 brother to the unforgettable chestnut with flaxen mane Australian National Champion mare Simeon Sehavi.

A Samia’s female line brings something unique to Athala Arabians, as her dam, Cedars Samedi, is a daughter of the beloved black stallion Al Baraki, leading Egyptian Event sire as well as international champion. He is also 7/8 brother to other Egyptian Event winners and sires of winners such as CN Jericho and Insignia DeSha. A Samia’s granddam Shalom Sabbath is a daughter of superior dressage champion and sire, Ibn Amoura, a unique outcross from a different Saklawi family. Shalom Sabath has the distinction of carrying the original Saklawi Jidran line of Moniet El Nefous via her daughter Mouna through the celebrated breeding of Dr. Nagel’s beautiful bay mare Bint Bint Jamil, dam of Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Pimlico RCA.

So destiny has brought a great lineage to Athala. A Samia is residing with Misty Valley Arabians and had her first foal – a stunning grey colt by the herd sire of Athala Arabians, A Illuminatus, a stallion who descends from the “Kings of Nile.””

*Special thanks to Joe Ferris for writing this piece which was originally published in the 2015 Egyptian Event Program.

A Samia’s last gift was a beautiful black EBC-nominated filly by The Singleton.


A Samia
A Samia
2010 Bay Mare
Simeon Sadran Asfour Malik
Simeon Simona Asfour
27 IBN Galal-5
Cedars Samedi Al Baraki Thee Desperado
Shalom Sabbath Ibn Amoura
Shalom Jamilia